It’s time for Spring Rally 2014!


That’s right, registration for the annual SEDCYM Spring Rally for 2014 is now open! Here’s the quick facts on the rally:

  • Theme: Defying Gravity
  • Speaker: Pete Weber
  • Music: Thin Margins
  • Where: Marvell Civic Center, Marvell, AR
  • When: April 25-27
  • Cost: $55

For more information and to register, click here! Hope to see you there!

An All-New Website and Screening Meeting

SEDCYM“Woah, what is this?” you may be asking yourself right now. No need to fear, it’s just a (much-needed and well-deserved) update to the Southeast District Council on Youth Ministries website! Not much will change content-wise (we hope to continue providing the latest information on the DCYM available to everyone in the Southeast District), but it’s definitely a fresher, faster, and more socially-integrated design that hopefully will be a better experience for all who access the website, on whatever device or browser you may use! In addition to the website changes, we have some information concerning the SEDCYM Screening Meeting and Spring Rally for 2014! Here’s a quick rundown of everything:

Website and social media integration (lots more of it!)

socialOne of the biggest changes is the integration into Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Now, as posts are made to the website, you’ll now see the posts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+, in addition to the email and text alerts that already go out! It’s a simpler way to get DCYM information quicker. Also, social media accounts have been integrated into the comments system on the website.

SEDCYM Screening Meeting coming soon!

The SEDCYM Screening Meeting has been set for April 13th at 2pm at Star City FUMC. Pick up a copy of the flyer here and the screening application here!

SEDCYM Spring Rally set!

Spring Rally 2014 (Defying Gravity) has been set for April 25th-27th at the Marvell Civic Center! More information will be available soon.

The 2013 SEDCYM Planning Retreat

Here are the details for our Planning Retreat for the coming school year:

Our planning retreat for the SEDCYM is set forAugust 17-18th, immediately following cleanup from PILLOWSTOCK. We will start at 4:30 pm and attend worship the next morning, so please plan to stay for the morning worship. The meeting will be held at First United Methodist Church in Pine Bluff.

We need ALL CHURCHES in the Southeast District to elect at least 2 representatives to represent their church on the DCYM. This council is responsible for planning all the youth events for the Southeast District. We really need to get some new voices and new ideas – be sure your church is represented! Youth serving on the DCYM must be entering grades 9 – 12 for the 2013-14 school year, be members of a United Methodist Church, and be ready and willing to serve God in their district. We also encourage interested 8th graders to come as provisional members. Please give me your representatives’ names and contact information (address, email, phone, cell phone). PLEASE do this whether you think I have their information or not – I need to make sure I have accurate, up-to-date information.

Bring bedding (sleeping bag/pillow etc – we’re sleeping at the church), comfy clothes, Bible, calendar with school/work/activity dates, great ideas and a fun attitude! Also bring $10 for dinner and $5 for breakfast. Thank you for your prayers and support!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Emily Johnson at or Carissa Tarkington at (870) 329-4500.

Imagine SEDCYM: Getting a Fresh Start!

Hello all! I bring you good news!

Youth Ministry is alive and well in the Southeast District. 2012-13 saw large numbers of youth attending Fall and Spring Rally. We also witnessed participation in local youth ministry from the new counties in our district, specifically Grant and Cross counties. All of this is so encouraging! BUT we’d love to have it grow further. YOUR CHURCH can help! How? Several ways:

  1. PRAY HARD! for the youth ministry in our district and the leaders – that they seek ways old and new to bring Christian fellowship and ministry to all the youth in the Southeast district and continue to grow together in Christ. Imagine Ministry asks us to push ourselves to think outside the box and seek new ways to reach out to our mission fields, to each other, and to God through our ministries together. Please be in pray for our youth as they are usually leading the way with innovative ideas. Please also pray for the leadership of the adult volunteers that work with them, as we seek to discern where God wants us to be, and what it is that He is calling is to do.
  2. SEND REPRESENTATIVES! Each of the over 110churches in our district should have at least 2 reps in grades 9-12 to help plan youth ministry events for our district. We NEED diversity! We NEED people to help! We would LOVE to have your youth represented! Please send youth AND any adult leaders that would like to help as well. Just let me know their contact info (name, email address, cell and home numbers).
  3. SUGGEST! We are looking for new and better ways and places to host events for our youth. We absolutely LOVE Bear Creek Camp and will probably always have Spring Rally there, but each year we look for new places to have Fall Rally. This year we are hoping to be somewhere in the southern half of the district. But we need to create a list of viable venues for our events. We typically host about 100-125 youth and adults at Fall Rally each time, but have reached over 200. So let me know if there are camps, churches, or other places that would be good to look into.
  4. SUPPORT YSF! Youth Service Fund annually raises money across the nation to grant monies to local youth groups for mission work and youth events. It is service-oriented. Every local church is encouraged to support YSF by collecting coins and cash throughout the year and bringing it to Spring Rally each year. We raised over $3000 at Spring Rally in 2013 and hope to at least meet that at PILLOWSTOCK, our benefit for YSF which is August 17 at Pine Bluff FUMC. Check out our website for more info!
  5. CONTACT US! We’ll come visit your church to talk about how we can help each other!